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Tricky Tips for Carving Pumpkins


Traditions are important and something fun to look forward to year after year. Pumpkin carving can be a fun tradition that you can carry on with your family, but sometimes can be a bit overwhelming when your carving skills are underwhelming. So if you have trouble carving that perfect pumpkin I have some tips to help you master and hone in on your untapped skill. 

  1. Pick the Perfect Pumpkin – Scour your potential pumpkin for soft spots and ridges that will make carving tricky. If you have a design in mind, consider if you need a round, oval or awkward-shaped pumpkin to bring it to life. 
  2. Next-Level Hollowing – Get all the seeds and strings out with a handy tool like a serrated spoon. Then, continue to scrape the insides and thin the shell to make carving a breeze. 
  3. Trace Your Design – Whether you’re carving a traditional jack-o-lantern or creating something extravagant, draw your design on paper and then transfer it on to your pumpkin using a pin to prick small holes through the paper that you can use as a stencil.
  4. Light It Up – Votive candles, holiday lights or a few well-place flashlights can all make your pumpkins to glow nice and bright. For an extra-fun surprise, try holiday lights that flash or twinkle. 

Tricks to Using a Stencil

  1. Tape the stencil on your hollowed pumpkin and use a pin to outline the shapes. Then, remove the stencil and carve out the design. 


        2. Cut out the stencil and tape the “negative” onto your intact pumpkin. Use paint or markers to color in the design. 

Better Homes & Gardens has some really great and downloadable stencils for you to practice your skills. You can download them here


*Source: Buffini & Company

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