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Small Business Features


I love small businesses. I love helping and shouting praises of small business that I am passionate about. People who are just trying to do their thing and what they enjoy! It is my jam. I will be honoring, marketing and raving about some of the local businesses I love. You may even find one or 4 that you’d like to do business with as well. 

The Edge of Imagination Station – Johnny Villareal

Johnny Villarreal, owner of The Edge of Imagination Station, is a visual artist, animator and community educator. He has spent the last 10 years developing and leading workshops with his PORTABLE stop animation studio. He has taught workshops to animators of all ages, skill level and ability across Texas. Now he is offering his custom, user friendly software along with other basic tutorial videos for FREE. This is all digital and no need to leave your home. In addition, he also offers additional virtual instruction on topics such as character design, storytelling, editing, and more.

If you are interested in learning more about The Edge of Imagination Station be sure to follow him on all the channels or reach out directly. He would love it! If you are digging his vibe and would love some art from him, download this coloring page and enjoy!!

Pet Sitting

With 2 dogs and 2 cats I often need someone I trust to take care of my fur babies. They are my family and just as you would find the best care for you and yours I have found mine. Nicole and Natalie are the best and they will take the best care of your fur family!  

Steve Eastland – HVAC

Steve Eastland          512-945-3239         

Did you know as of January 2020 the air conditioning refrigerant known as R-22 or Freon can no longer be made or imported into the United States? Per the Environmental Protection Agency, Freon is bad for the environment and depletes the ozone layer. Systems made since 2010 use a new refrigerant, R-410A or Puron.

“Our 13 year old unit was freezing up which usually means one of 3 things, a dirty air filter, a dirty coil or a refrigerant leak. Due to the age of our unit a leak would have been bad. We would have needed to find a company with Freon still on hand, convert the unit to the new refrigerant or buy a new unit. Thank goodness it was a dirty coil. One company wanted to replace the coil and charge me $1800. Steve was able to clean the coil and get us up and running for under $300. And yes, it was full of pet hair from our large fur family. Steve was right, affordable and honest!”  -Kimberly

Sharp Community Fitness

Anne Sharp Hoberer, NASM-CPT, FNS, YES

Owner and Coach

| FB: @SharpCommunityFitness | Instagram: @Legion_Community_Wellness

Anne’s purpose is to help you get healthy while having fun! She provides in person and online fitness classes and personal & OCR training for Adults and Youth. Not only is Anne certified as a personal trainer, but she is also Fitness Nutrition Specialist AND Youth Exercise Specialist. 

Texas Tulip Designs

Kim Oliver |

512-663-0668 | FB @texastulipdesigns | Instagram: @txtulipdesigns

Texas Tulip Designs is a local merchant that provides customized laser etching. If you can think of it, Kim can help make it happen. Not only does she provide one item at a time, but she is also great at offering and providing batch items you might need for your next Mission trip, girls weekend or closing gifts. Kim is a member of the Leander Chamber of Commerce, active in her Church community and has a passion for Mission work. You will not be disappointed with Kim’s work. She is a pleasure to work with and willing to help make your vision come to fruition.



Teodoro  Cruz / Cruz  Gardens

We use Teodoro year round and because of his good work and work ethic I am regularly referring him to my clients selling and buying property. He is an all around handyman when it comes to outside yards, gardens, fences and even pavers. You will not be disappointed with him, his work or his prices. 

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