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Holiday Season Party Ideas


Holiday Season Party Ideas


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Host a gathering your family will always remember – a fabulous party featuring a fun theme, curated playlist and plenty of delicious food and drinks. Here are a few creative ideas:

  1. Comfort and Joy Potluck – Ask guests to bring their favorite “comfort food” and its recipe card to share. Try to let everyone know what other guests are making ahead of time to prevent duplicate dishes. Play soothing jazz or easy listening music. Invite guests to wear their favorite pajamas or leisure wear. 
  2. My Favorite Things – Similar to a Yankee swap or white elephant party, each guest brings a gift to exchange. Pick a gift theme for your guests, such as their favorite type of beauty product, fun knickknacks, home goods (blankets, candles, teas, coffees, etc.) or tech item. If you are inviting many guests, limit the number of items each person may exchange and set a spending limit for each item. Serve some of your favorite desserts with coffee and tea.
  3. Gingerbread Extravaganza –  Decorate your party spot with white scalloped bunting, large paper peppermints and cutouts of gingerbread men. Have pre-made gingerbread houses ready with plenty of decorations on hand. Serve ginger snaps and ginger tea. Offer take away bags with gingerbread cookies, hot chocolate mix, marshmallows and peppermint sticks.
  4. Christmas “Carol-oke” – Rent or borrow a karaoke machine and choose a karaoke app or playlist with popular and fun Christmas songs.  Serve easy-to-eat appetizers or pizzas. Give out prizes for things like best performance, best duet, silliest song choice, most enthusiastic, etc.

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Perfect Party Checklist

2-4 Weeks Prior

(Depending on Your Schedule)

    • Set your budget.
    • Set a date, time and location.
    • Choose a theme and menu.
    • Create your guest list.
    • Call to invite your guests.
    • Mail or email your invitations.

1-2 Weeks Prior

    • Check in with the invited guests who haven’t yet responded.
    • Call your RSVP list to confirm attendance.
    • Purchase party favors and refreshments.
    • Prepare foods that can be made and frozen ahead of time.

1 Week out

    • Send out email reminders.
    • Create a music playlist.
    • Purchase decorations and supplies.

1-2 Days Before

    • Start preparing food.
    • Recheck that you have enough drinks and food.

Day of the Party

    • Put up decorations.
    • Check your playlist.
    • Finish preparing food.
    • Welcome guests.
    • Have fun!

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Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season and a

joyful and prosperous 2024! 


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