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Fun Holiday Games


Fun Holiday Games to Play with Kids, Friends, and Family

Holidays don’t have to be stuffy, frustrating, or lame. They can be joyous with happy memories made and a fun time had by all. I am of the mindset that you make your own destiny and you can choose to make a holiday memorable. But I understand that being around family and friends can get overwhelming. Try these fun holiday games to keep the party going. You can play them with kids, family and friends. 

I love to play games and make fun enjoyable memories that I can look back on and be thankful for such wonderful experiences. So I thought I would help you out with a few organized games. Children, family, friends, or groups/co-workers can play these games. They will be fun and everyone will ask you to plan your next Holiday gathering. You’re welcome!

I will break down a couple of games for each group so they are easy to pick out and choose what you’d like to play. You can also download the printable portions of the games that require those as well. I have you covered and no need to look elsewhere. Everything you need is right here. 

Now, I do have to say, I didn’t come up with these games on my own. This is just your one-stop shop for a few of them. If you aren’t interested in these or just looking for a few more I took inspiration from Shutterfly.

Fun Holiday Games with Kids

20 Questions – Holiday Edition

Begin by choosing who will be the person answering the group’s yes/no questions. You can start with the oldest, youngest, last person to arrive at the party, the only person who didn’t bring a side dish… You get the idea. 🙂 Once you have chosen the answerer, choose a category – Holiday Movies, Holiday Characters, Holiday Items – you can get use these ideas. Then the rest of the players take turns asking yes/no questions to gain clues to the answer. For example: If your chosen category was Holiday Characters you might ask “does your character have a red nose?” The answerer would then say yes/no depending on the character they chose from this list. The person who guesses correctly is the next answerer. You can keep score or just play for fun. That level of competition is completely up to you. 


Pin the Nose on Rudolph

This one is always fun in whatever way it is made up. I have this available for you to print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper for your convenience and multiple noses that can be used. To help with identifying who is the closest put the name of the persons participating in the fun on each of their designated nose. Then there is no question who actually pinned Rudolph’s nose on him. If you haven’t played ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’ or similar the rules are easy. Hang the printed Rudolph on the wall/door/fence, etc at a height that is appropriate for the people playing the game. Cover their eyes, spin them around and face them in the direction of the printed Rudolph. Here is my warning though – be careful with the littles as they may fall down if spun too much. (also fun, and hilarious to watch, but I don’t want anyone getting injured on a day full of fun!) 


Fun Holiday Games with Adults

Holiday Mad Libs – Naughty or Nice

I’m sure you remember your English class and can all find fun in good ‘ol fashioned Mad Libs. These are classic stories I have provided so feel free to play in a way you think would be the most fun for you and your group. (naughty or nice) Choose one person to write the answers while the rest of the guests choose the words based on the suggestion provided. Once you have filled in all the blanks read your story out loud and have a good laugh. I have provided a few here for you, but feel free to find some others on the web to keep it going if you finish these. 



Gift UN-Wrap

You can play this game a couple of different ways and each way is hilarious to watch.

If you are exchanging gifts at your next holiday party request that everyone bringing a gift, wrap it extra tight, with extra paper and extra tape, and bring a pair of oven mitts. If you’ve seen this, you know the hilarity that can ensue from watching someone open their gift with oven mitts. You can give a time to try and unwrap it or just watch and laugh until they get it open or give up. 

Another way to play this game is the host provides a gift that is wrapped extra well and everyone gets an attempt to open the gift with oven mitts for a designated time. (1-2 minutes is plenty) Once the time is up, pass the mitts and the gift to the next person. Whoever ends up getting the paper off and opening the gift in the designated time gets to keep the gift. 


Fun Group Holiday Games

I have always been a fan of relay games. Gets you moving, chatting, and getting to know one another while also having fun. The next 2 games are relays. Keep in mind, you will need some space for these games. Remember, if these don’t work for your group, Shutterfly has some others you can choose from. 

Penguin Waddle

You will need a blown-up balloon for each team, some space to move and a course with place markers set 15-25′ apart. Separate into teams of 3 or more. The first player, from each team, puts a balloon between their knees and waddles like a penguin to the marker and back. Then pass the balloon to the next team member. If any team member drops the balloon they start over. The first team to complete the relay wins.

Ornament Relay

This one is very similar to the egg relay I know we all played in school, but with an ornament. It might be best to use plastic or shatterproof ornaments because you know someone is going to drop theirs. Split into your teams. You can do this by counting off numbers, drawing straws, or having 2 team leads choose their team. Whatever suits your fancy. Once the teams have been designated show the obstacle course or length of relay they will need to complete with an ornament on their spoon. Remember, the objective is to NOT drop the ornament. If you drop the ornament, you have to start over from the beginning and try to catch up. You can only use your spoon to transfer the ornament from one team member to the next – NO HANDS! – Once you have successfully transferred the ornament the next person needs to complete the course until everyone has completed it or the first team finishes and is crowned the winner. You can also do First, Second, and Third place if you are giving out congratulatory gifts. 

I hope you have fun with these ideas and enjoy your holiday season. It is the most wonderful time of the year! Have another game to share? Please do so! I can and will continue to add to this each year to keep the fun going. Feel free to share the fun on my Facebook or tag me on Instagram too!