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Listing property in 2020 is definitely different but I am open for business and ready to help you. Our initial consultation can be done in person with a mask and social distancing, you can leave a key and I can view it while you step out or we can use one of the many electronic platforms such as Zoom or FaceTime. I stepped up my digital marketing to give my sellers as much exposure as possible and buyers as much information at their fingertips as possible. In addition to virtual tours and still photographs, my listings have 360 interactive tour that include floor plans and the ability to virtually walk through your property. Buyers must be pre-qualified and they are the only ones allowed in your property, no additional family members or friends. I ask that the parties wear a mask, practice social distancing, do not touch anything and sanitize their hands before entering. Either you or myself depending on occupancy will turn on all the lights and open all the doors and closets. If it is occupied I recommend wiping down surfaces especially door knobs after each showing. As far as closings, if at all possible everything will be done electronically. And most importantly do not send any funds or important information without confirming with your agent, lender and or title company via a phone call. Electronic fraud is alive and well. Please let me know if I can answer any additional questions or if you are ready to list your home. 

Am I still able to meet with a REALTOR® and sell my home?

Yes. ABoR encourages all sellers to proceed with plans to list their home at this time. That said, we ask that you lean heavily on technology and use video chat and other virtual tools instead of meeting with your REALTOR® in person.

Will COVID-19 impact the timeline of my real estate transaction?

Given the unprecedented nature of COVID-19, there’s no way to say with certainty if a transaction’s timeline will be impacted. Overall, the services that real estate professionals offer are subject to changes based on our rapidly evolving circumstances. We recommend that you look to your REALTOR® for guidance and communicate openly to ensure you know the status of your transaction.

What should I know about conducting my transaction online?

Sellers should always be conscientious when responding to requests for personal or financially sensitive information, as well as using online forms that require an e-signature. Remember to be cautious when conducting virtual transactions, and be sure to call your REALTOR® or title company to confirm that the request came from a trusted source.

What safety measures should I expect when people are touring my home?

Complying with the orders implemented by governing entities, ABoR is encouraging REALTORS® to engage in social distancing. However, sellers should collaborate with REALTORS® to determine which safety protocols or remote options are right for them.

If you are interacting with individuals outside of your own home, remember to practice the measures outlined by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, if possible, turn to in-person showings ONLY as a last resort.


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