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Showing buyers in 2020 is definitely different but I am open for business and here to help you. You must be pre-qualified and I ask only the qualified purchasers to attend showings, no additional family members or friends. Wear a mask, practice social distancing, do not touch anything and sanitize your hands before and after every showing. Either myself or the seller will turn on all the lights and open all the doors and closets. If you are not able to view the properties and would prefer a virtual tour, I can view the home on your behalf and record a walk-through video, we can Zoom or even FaceTime. It may take longer to get verifications and approvals so working through the loan process as much as possible before writing an offer is key. As far as closings, if at all possible everything will be done electronically. And most importantly do not send any funds or important information without confirming with your agent, lender and or title company via a phone call. Electronic fraud is alive and well. Contact me to search for your next real estate investment.

Am I still able to meet with a REALTOR® and buy a home?

Yes. ABoR encourages all buyers to proceed with their plans to purchase a home at this time. That said, we ask that you lean heavily on technology and use video chat and other virtual tools instead of meeting with a REALTOR® in person.

Will COVID-19 impact the timeline of my real estate transaction?

Given the unprecedented nature of COVID-19, we cannot say with any certainty that a transaction’s timeline will not be impacted. As a whole, the services that real estate professionals offer are subject to changes based on our rapidly evolving circumstances. We recommend that you look to your REALTOR® for guidance and communicate openly to ensure you know the status of your transaction.

What safety measures should I expect when touring a home?

Complying with the orders implemented by governing entities, ABoR is encouraging REALTORS® to engage in social distancing. Buyers should expect to tour homes via video chat or recording, depending on the format that your REALTOR® provides. If you are interacting with individuals outside of your own home, practice the preventative measures outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Participate in in-person showings ONLY as a last resort.

What should I know about conducting my transaction online?

Be conscientious when responding to requests for personal or financially sensitive information, as well as any using online forms that require an e-signature. Be sure to call your REALTOR® or title company to confirm that the request came from a trusted source.

How can I mitigate exposure while interacting with service providers?

The market is actively changing to reduce in-person transactions at this time. While service providers may still need to enter your home to do their work, you should still maintain a space of six feet between you and any person who is entering your home. Don’t be afraid to ask various providers servicing your home to put on shoe covers before entering and to wash their hands before and after handling specific items or possessions. This will go a long way in preventing the spread of germs. Use disinfectant wipes to clean doorknobs, light switches, and other surfaces frequently.

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