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You’ve Been Egged!!!


Easter Egg Hunt

One of my favorite things to do in life is to make people smile and this event delivered!! I’m far from The Grinch, but I can only imagine how he felt when his heart grew three times in size after giving all of Whoville’s gifts and decorations back to the residence. I was so sneaky — tiptoeing around people’s yards, hiding eggs, and trying not to be seen by those working from home.

Getting out and providing pop-bys during April just wasn’t enough. We have all been through so much over the last couple of years I wanted to do something special and this was the event I was looking for! Sorry DINKs, I didn’t egg your house because well, you don’t have children and this one was for them, but don’t worry, I have you covered during my annual Moontower Party in November! 

Each home that was egged received 5 eggs filled with candy, 1 egg had a raffle ticket, and 6 confetti eggs. You’re welcome! 😀 I hope it didn’t make too big of a mess, but thankfully I don’t have to clean it up!  The raffle ticket was drawn on Easter Sunday and the winner won a gift card to Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, TX for 4!! 

I asked that those who were egged send me photos or tag me on Facebook and/or Instagram so I could see those happy smiles! It was THE BEST!!! This is now an annual event so be on the lookout!! 

I love having parties and sponsoring events. If you would like to partner check out all of my events under my events tab.



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