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Why Using a Real Estate Agent is Essential to Sell Your Home


Putting your home up for sale can be stressful, and some home owners have a hard time making objective decisions when it matters most. I am here to help you and be the moderator, negotiator, and objective party that helps you sell your home for top dollar and in a timely manner.

Homeowners consistently overestimate the market value of their homes by 5 to 10%. That equates to longer time on the market and longer you are paying your mortgage. Contrary to what you may think, it doesn’t pay to set the price too high; you want to be competitive without going over. This increases the odds for a quick sale. Keep in mind, most buyers will need financing and the bank will generally use an appraisal based on recent sales to justify the loan amount. Let your agent help you do this it will be less stressful for you! 

How I help!

  • I will generate a current market analysis and look closely at the sales of similar homes that have closed in the last 90 days then take that number into account when discussing then agreeing on a list price. (Do you need a Comparative Market Analysis? I can you send you for FREE!) How your home is priced will determine how long it will actually continue to stay on market. 
  • Provide repair suggestions. I know what inspectors and buyers are looking for. If I think repairs or updates will help sell your home for money and less time on the market I will let you know. 
  • Staging suggestions. I have a great blog post on this. You can see it here. This is also important! You need to take down all personal belongings and minimize as best you can. This will allow buyers to be able to see themselves or their furniture in your space. 
  • There are ALWAYS negotiations when selling your home. I am here to facilitate that and work for YOU so that you get the best out of the sell of your home! 
  • Marketing is so important in our current world! No longer are the days that buyers only look on the MLS. They are looking at other sites too such as Zillow, Trulia and even Facebook and Instagram! 

Keep in mind!

  • Nearly 43% of buyers looked online for properties as their first step and 43% found the home they ultimately purchased on the internet. That is 100% of the people who looked online found their property online! Read that again. 100% of people who looked online purchased a home they found online! If your home is priced too high when it hits the market, you run the risk that active qualified buyers will scroll right past it.
  • New listings are called “hot” for a reason–buyers get excited about them. Showings are likely to cool off noticeably after the first 30 days on the market. 
  • When weighing an offer, make sure to consider the potential costs of holding on to your property longer than you want or need to (including the mortgage, property taxes, insurance maintenance, etc.) Hence, I can help you save money $$$! Who doesn’t like more money in their pocket?? 

Something to think about!

  • The typical For Sale By Owner home sold for $80,000 LESS than the agent-assisted home sale! 

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