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Tips for a Calm and Inviting Home


How do you keep calm with so much chaos in our world and daily life? I have some of my tried and true tips for a calm and inviting home. It seems like, over the last couple of years, each day is in a different state of chaos. The news is constantly reporting the new covid rates. I am worried if I am going to get it or spread it and I’m so tired of being stuck in my home.  Venturing out into the city sounds amazing! I get it!! We are in this together and I feel your pain. All that being said, my home is still my solace, my happy place. The place I feel most comfortable. The place I want to be when things are in chaos — in my life, my city, my family, the world. The one place where I can be completely myself and strip down, figuratively and metaphorically of course :D, and be my most vulnerable self.

There are a few things I do to help keep calm amid so much chaos and I wanted to share those with you. This is how I keep my happy place happy. 

White Sage Smudging

White SageAre you familiar with this or its purposes? White Sage itself is an antimicrobial. It can help rid your home of the things you can’t see and it smells amazing. It is traditionally used to clear your mind and to cleanse, heal and protect your environment. And since we live in Austin, it can also help with repelling bugs we can’t seem to get rid of since our winters are not super cold. Light the sage stick and enjoy. You can buy them locally at Nature’s Treasures.

Essential OilsEssential Oi

I know you are familiar with these because they are everywhere and everyone uses them in some form. I am constantly looking for more natural and holistic ways to live. Oils allow me to do just that. When I am feeling stressed I just put a little lavender for relaxation or sandalwood for stress in my diffuser and be prepared for solace. For quick relief, I put it on my pressure points. Works wonders! If you want to create a certain feel within your home, essential oils are a great way to do that as well. No need for candles when you can combine a little bit of bergamot, orange, and lemon for a fresh smell throughout your home.

Sound machine

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways. If I need to drown out the actual chaos and noise,  I turn my sound machine to the sound of the ocean crashing along the shore, a rainstorm beating down in a forest, or the crackling of a fire. It allows me to escape the voice in my head and actually take a break from reality and only focus on exactly what I need. ME! 

Your home is what you make it. It is an extension of you. The smells, the lights, the art, the furniture, and the feeling. Home isn’t just a place, it’s a feeling. It’s the place you go to feel safe, calm, or even energized. 

How do you create the feeling of home and the space you want to be more than anywhere else?

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