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Celebrate Good Neighbors


Celebrate Good Neighbors!

National Good Neighbor Day, held each year in the U.S. on Sept. 28, celebrates the value of connecting with our neighbors and creating strong, healthy communities. Here are some fun ways to connect with your neighbors this year.

Spread Positivity

  • Use chalk to write encouraging messages on sidewalks.
  • Scatter small painted rocks with positive words throughout the neighborhood.
  • Write a nice letter of encouragement or a sweet and simple message for your neighbors.

This is an image of the words "spread kindness like confetti" written with chalk on a sidewalk.






Pop by With a Gift

  • Drop off some baked goods.
  • Share veggies, a small plant or a bouquet of flowers from your garden.
  • Include a short, handwritten note with your gift to make it even more special.

This is an image of an older woman giving a gift to a man and woman at their front door.


Host a Get-Together

  • A themed block party, fall BBQ, potluck or progressive meal.
  • A pet parade with prizes.
  • An outdoor movie night.

This is an image of a group of people on a lawn watching an outdoor movie.






Connect with Good Neighbors

Here are some ways to build your neighborhood community year round.

  • Partner with a neighbor when renting specific tools for  landscaping projects or common household needs.
  • Create a neighborhood tool-sharing spreadsheet.
  • Pair up with another parent to lead a Boy or Girl Scout troop, coach sports or volunteer at a church function.
  • Help out when inclement weather strikes. Offer to plow snow, pick up debris and provide tools to help with clean-up efforts.
  • Start a monthly club to share meals, discuss books, watch movies or play games. A regularly scheduled get-together will promote deeper relationships.
  • Encourage your neighbors to decorate for different holidays. Set a time foe everyone to walk around and view the decorations. End the night with refreshments at your home.
  • Organize a group gift to honor significant life events, such as a new baby or passing of a loved one.

This is an image of a group of men and women at a book club meet up.


Create a dedicated, neighborhood social media group. Share information or ask questions. Include a directory with contact information and share updates as needed.

If you are looking for the perfect neighborhood for your family, please feel free to contact me. I would be delighted to help you in your search!

For more information on National Night Out in the Austin area, and how to register your block, click here.

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