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9 Tips to Prepare you for Winter in Texas


Whether you think you should or not, winterizing in Texas is very important. Not only will it save you money, but it could potentially save you thousands of dollars worth of damage and an insurance claim. Winter 2020 was insane. We were not all prepared. So let’s change that. 

The Extended Weather Forecast from The Farmer’s Almanac is probably not what we want to hear, but it’s better to be prepared if something happens than to be caught off guard. They are predicting it to be another frigid winter. There could be some snowflakes and cold temperatures near the middle to end of January. Let’s prepared for whatever Mother Nature decides to throw our way. 

So without further adieu, I would like to provide you with some great winterizing tips to get you through a mild or frigid Winter here in Central Texas. 

9 Tips to Winterizing Your Home in Texas

  1. Check for exterior cracks and holes.

    Winterize Cracks from Critters

    Walk around your home and look for any place where air could get out or critters could get in. The air will keep your heater running and the critters could cause all kinds of problems.  You know they will be looking for a nice cozy place to call home during the winter months as well.

  2. Winterize sprinklers. 

    According to Georgetown Irrigation Specialists winterization of your sprinkler system is the process of removing all the water in your entire sprinkler system, including the head, pipes, valve and pumps before it freezes and results to damage and costly repairs come spring. Winterize your sprinklers so they do not cause leaks or cracks.

  3. Adjust ceiling fans. 

    Revers your ceiling fans so they move warm air. It is possible to save up to 15% on your energy bill just by using your fan this way. Be sure to turn off your ceiling fans and rotate them the opposite direction to push the heat down.

  4. Check window sills.

    Pull back the trim and caulk the area between the window and the frame. If you find rotten wood, use an epoxy wood filler to fix each spot. This will help keep the cold air out and the warm air in. The less places your home has to expel the warm air the more efficient your home will keep the heat.

  5. Door barriers.

    Placing a towel at the bottom of your door could save you $$ in the long run. If you aren’t down to use your towels or blanket, Amazon is a great place to find air blockers that will do the exact same thing and be a little more visually appealing. A door barrier will help warm air from escaping out of the door if your weather stripping needs to be replaced.

  6. Get a home energy audit. 

    This is a good one!! An energy audit could save you TONS of $$ if you follow the recommendations.  AND, Effective June 1, 2009, a city of Austin ordinance requires homes within the city limits, 10 years or older, that receive services from Austin Energy and are on the market for sale, to have an ECAD (Energy Conservation Audit & Disclosure) audit completed by a certified auditor prior to the property being closed and sold. AES is a registered company with Austin Energy and their technicians are BPI certified. (should you need a referral)

  7. Order Firewood.

    This one is important for those of you who may have even lost power last year. If you go ahead and order your firewood now you are less likely going to be on a waiting list.Ordering your firewood now and being stocked up allows you to be prepared.

  8. Service your fireplace. 

    Even if you used your fireplace last season, it is always a good idea to make sure that everything is in working order for the new year. If you didn’t use your fireplace last year or in previous years and you are wanting to make sure you can have some heat you better get on that NOW. Servicing your fireplace allows for more efficient use and warmth.

  9. Plant spring bulbs.Fall planting brings beautiful spring blooms.

    The fall is a good time to go ahead and plant the bulbs you would like to “spring” into the spring. (pun intended) 😀


    Let’s prepare now so we can all have a warmer winter! I hope these tips are helpful and as always, if you need a referral or if you have a question I am always here to help! 


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