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8 Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space


Have you been dreaming about how to transform your outdoor space to a beautiful, Instagram-worthy area to relax and entertain? With outdoor gatherings being one of the safer ways to spend time with friends and family, make your outdoor space the place to be. I have 8 ideas to make your backyard the coziest, comfiest place on the block to enjoy all year long.

1) Patio or Deck?

Both a patio or deck are great options for outdoor living. Choose which option works best for your budget and lifestyle.




2) Add a Pergola

This slatted structure is a beautiful way to add some shade to shelter you from our blistering Texas sun. You can ea


3) Create an Outdoor Kitchen

Having a grill, mini-fridge and sink can really level up your outdoor family BBQ.  





4) Cozy Up by the Fire

Having either a gas-powered or wood fire pit gives you year-round opportunities to enjoy your outdoor living space. A Gas powered fire pit offers a more intimate space to share conversations, drinks and your favorite people while a wood fire pit give off a backyard bonfire vibe. 



5) Choose the Right Lights

Edison bulbs help provide a more timeless look that sets a warm and comforting glow to your outdoor living. Hanging them also provides light to an otherwise smaller space such as decks or balconies.




6) Plant a Garden

Gardens are beautiful to look at, useful, and fun for the whole family. If you have limited space, consider a wall of herbs or smaller-sized plants for your balcony or deck. Be creative, plants are great for our moods and over all health!




7) Decorate a Plain Exterior Wall

Cover an empty exterior wall with a vertical planter or beautiful, meaningful art pieces.  





8) Privacy Hedges

If you would like more privacy consider using greenery as a natural barrier instead of or in front of a fence or wall. 





I hope you enjoyed these options to spruce up your outdoor space and it sparks some of your creative juices. Please comment below and let me know how you have updated or overhauled your outdoor living. Cheers!

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