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Maple Run Statistics

Numbers based on active, pending and sold properties from May 1 – May 31, 2016.  

Sales in May 2016:                       8
Average Days on Market:             14
Average List Price:                      $300,500
Average Sold  Price:                    $275,159
Average Sold Per Ft:                   $154

Highest Sale in May 2016         $330,000 @ 2380 sq ft
Lowest Sale in May 2016          $183,000 @1454 sq ft

Highest Pending Sale in May 2016      $300,000

Price per foot varies from $124 per sq ft up to $266 per sq ft depending on the condition and size of the property.

For more specific information about where your home value lands in this sliding scale, give me a call or contact me directly via email.  I am always happy to hear from neighborhood residents and would love the opportunity to know you better!

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