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Home Buying Tips

Know these ins and outs of buying a home BEFORE you write an offer.

Tip No. 1: Know what you’re shopping for before you start
Tip No. 2: Shop for a mortgage before you shop for a home
Tip No. 3: Pick a winning team to help you
Tip No. 4: Make sure your Realtor® knows what you are looking for.
Tip No. 5: It’s a cliché, but…location, location, location.
Tip No. 6: Use your agent to narrow the prospect list.
Tip No. 7: Show a little interest in everything you see.
Tip No. 8: Shop with your head, not your heart.
Tip No. 9: Don’t ignore red flags when evaluating a home’s pluses and minuses.
Tip No. 10: Hire a professional home inspector.
Tip No. 11: Not all fixer-uppers are good buys.
Tip No. 12: Choose a home with an eye toward future needs.
Tip No. 13: Once you’re ready to buy, move quickly.
Tip No. 14: Clarify who your agent is.
Tip No. 15: Ask for a written comparative market analysis.
Tip No. 16: Keep your own situation to yourself and your Realtor®.
Tip No. 17: Use time to your advantage.
Tip No. 19: Check your emotions at the door.
Tip No. 20: Don’t be pressured into a quick deal if it doesn’t feel right.
Tip No. 21: Be smart during bidding wars.
Tip No. 22: Make sure you get a written seller’s disclosure.
Tip No. 23: Know your hidden costs.

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