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3 Simple Rules


I treat people the way that I would want to be treated and to always put others first – lifting them up. Being good to people is just a part of me. It’s ingrained in me. Its extremely important to me that people know I’m here to help them, to create a relationship with them and be a part of their life journey. Meeting people on their level is also important to me.  Do you need me as a second opinion because you’re buying a home alone? Do you need me as a shoulder to cry on because this isn’t a choice you wanted to make? Do you need me as an educator because the whole process is foreign to you?

People feel very comfortable with me so I find it easy to hone in on who they are  and how I can best support them. A lot of times I feel like a chameleon because I feel that I can ebb and flow to meet needs, and  I’m able to do this with many many different kinds of people, many different kinds of personalities, many different kinds of backgrounds. I’m here to be a  trusted confidant &  friend for life.

I work hard at my job, but I love it so much it doesn’t feel hard. 
I  wake up every day and tell myself to work a little bit harder than you did the day before.  I work hard at making sure people know I’m here for them and communicate effectively with them. I work hard because this is one of the hardest things that people do in their life. I want them to know that they have somebody on their team that they can trust. That is extremely knowledgeable. That is going to have their back. 

And I do real estate right.  I maximize and LAUNCH home for sellers – not just plug them into the MLS.  I educate and assist buyers through finding, inspecting, negotiating and closing a home.  It is a PROCESS that when done right, is exciting and rewarding!


I happen to be married to an amazing man and we have fun every single day. We laugh at ourselves and we laugh at each other. We try to keep it simple every day and remember the small things in life are what’s really important. 

I make real estate fun because I’m the fun realtor. I’m a huge proponent of educating my clients about the process, and I also believe that humor can go a long way. We need to laugh. We need to be human. We need to bond so we can walk together through this process, and laughter is a great way to do that. I’m sassy, pretty blunt, some would say sarcastic and the life of the party. My husband calls me “The Mayor.” I’ve never met a stranger.


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