Regardless of how many properties you have purchased in the past, the rules, regulations and ongoing contract and promulgated form updates make the experience of buying a home a little bit different each year.  
It is important you have someone to represent YOUR interests, goals, objectives and time frame.  

Kimberly makes a promise to each and every buyer

Important FIRST STEPS when Buying A Home in Austin Tx

Speak with a lender to get pre-approved.  It may not be necessary to meet face to face with a lender, but I do encourage that if you have not been through this process before.  

Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approval

  • You can Pre-Qualify and determine a budget simply by speaking with a lender on the phone. 
  • You can become Pre-Approved to purchase a home and receive a letter of reference about your qualification by going through the pre-approval process and submitting an application and required documents.  This can be done online or in person. 

The second and just as important step is to choose a Realtor wisely.  The competition in Austin and surrounding markets is fierce among buyers at all levels.  Having an experienced and knowledgeable agent guide you through the offer, contract and closing process is huge. Having someone at your side who has done this hundreds of times over many years, and who can tell you what to expect in the move, in the negotiations, and at closing will help set your mind at ease.   Finding the house is only the beginning!  Knowing how to get it under contract and seal the deal is important in the Austin, TX real estate market.