Gone are the days of traditional marketing to sell your home.  In today’s market you need cutting-edge technology,  a strategy for maximum exposure in the marketplace, and an experienced team to lead you to the closing table. 

Prepare it. Price it. L A U N C H it
into the handheld devices and desktops of millions!

  • Make Ready & Staging.  I help sellers impress buyers.  There are basic, simple steps to more labor intense work that will make your home outshine its competition.  Do you want to look almost as good as that neighboring home or like the BEST home on the block?
  • Price home AFTER improvements are completed.  Prep makes a difference in buyer’s perception.  Will your home stop the scroll or achieve a click from prospective buyers?  Will they stay and look a while?
  • Launching a listing is MORE than MLS these days.  Can buyers driving by get instant information? Does your property have a home base online featuring ONLY your property? Is your home easy to find?  Is your home listed on the big name sites like Zillow,,, Trulia…this list goes on? And when featured, does it look like a show stopper?

See how Kimberly launches & markets listings

Steps in the Selling Process

1. Sign up

2. Prep it. 

3. Professional Photos

4. Price it. 

5. Generate marketing collateral & Listing paperwork needed (Seller’s Disclosure, survey, upgrades list, marketing questionnaire.)

6. List in MLS + Digital Launch 

7. Show it.  

8. Sell it.  (Negotiate for best price.)

7. Close it.  (Get through option period negotiations. Title work. Appraisal. HOA delivery. And more.)